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Body Back: WhatheffHana

For this class, I came up with a new word. WhatheffHana.

If you can’t tell already, it translates to “What the eff, Hana?!”, but is typically expressed while severely out of breath without the energy to apply small breaks between words. So this small little phrase ran through my head about 56 times tonight. Let me just go over what she presented us with for our challenge tonight.

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MC’s = Mountain Climbers

Yes. You read that all correctly. 100. Of each. What you can’t see in this picture is that there are SIX more pages of challenges, all with 300 reps of some insane Cardio, Strength, and Core combo.


So here’s the really cool part though. We did it. Well, not all six pages, time is limited and we’re not quite to superhero status…yet. But we did as much as we could fit into our class time, which were about 2-3 pages worth of sets. Here’s the thing, at first glance this set of 100 Mountain Climbers, 100 Squats, and 100 Bicycles looks impossible. However when you break it down, it’s totally doable. For example, 25 Mountain climbers, 25 squats and 25 plank jacks really aren’t so bad. And then just doing that 4 times seems ok.

It’s amazing how your mind can trick your body into doing more than you thought was possible. After we finished each set we had to run a lap as well (WhatheffHana). While running isn’t exactly relaxing, it ended up being a great way to recharge for the next set. Hana didn’t let us loaf the run either. She was there cheering each of us on during the final stretch. While my body was telling me to slow down to a crawl, my mind was telling me to push, push, push to the end where Hana is cheering.

After finishing each cycle, sets, and run, Hana presented us with a medal. No matter how exhausted I was, I couldn’t help but smile every time she handed me my medal. Although this medal was nothing but a diamond shaped piece of colored paper, I was so proud to receive it each time. It was so motivating.

Hana was giving us a final countdown for time as I was completing my last 20 full sit-ups. Instead of slowing down and just coasting until time ran out, I found myself pushing as hard as I could to get the set completed. Damn my competitive nature. By the end of class, each of us had at least one medal to boast about.

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We CAN do it and CAN achieve things that seem impossible!