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Body Back: Sugar, oh Honey, Honey

Sugar. My love, my friend, my foe, my enemy. Tonight’s class was all about sugar, and more importantly added sugar.

Hana has challenged us with not eating any added sugar for three days. Ok, that sounds easy enough but do you know how many foods have added sugar?? Well, just in case you don’t, there’s an awesome app for that. It’s called Sugar Rush. You simply take a picture of the barcode and the app will tell you how much natural and/or added sugar is in the food. It’s shocking! Here are a couple foods worth sharing.


I seriously thought the smoothie yogurt would be a good food to grab and go. I would love to make smoothies in the morning but find I don’t have the time. Looks like these will be consumed for dessert from now on! Although 5 tsp may not sound like a lot, it’s equivalent to over 16 grams of sugar. According to the American Heart Association we’re (women) are only supposed to have 25 grams, or 6 teaspoons, of added sugar per day!! In other words, I am failing life.

In an effort to make us hate sugar, or at least that’s my interpretation, Hana had us workout with bags of sugar. Yes, bags. 4 lb bags to be exact. Every exercise we did we were lifting the bag of sugar. We ran up and down stairs, did squats, side planks holding the bag up, and lunges while raising the bag up and down. Then came the kicker, she had us return our bags to her; of course I sat thinking thank goodness we’re done with those! However, Hana had other plans. She placed all 16 lbs of sugar in a bag, and then instructed us to shuffle or lunge around a large circle, while pulsing with our tension cord in front of us. While the group goes around the circle, one of us will take the stairs with the sugar. You’ve got to be kidding me. This is not just one flight of stairs either. There are about 7 different sets with landings in between.

Although the set was dreadful, I found I wanted to go as fast as possible because I knew the rest of the girls were at the top of the stairs doing shuffles or lunges waiting for me. The faster I got back, the faster the set was over! As each girl took the stairs I wanted to cheer wildly for them. However I couldn’t because I was so out of breath. I could only muster soft whispers through exhalations “Go Amy!” I can feel a bond forming with all of them. It’s like we’re all experiencing this traumatic life event together and it’s bringing us closer, yes, life without added sugars is considered traumatic in my eyes.

We ended class on a large landing atop a hill. The view was fantastic! We could see the sun slowly setting as we were stretching out. Just beyond the sunset is the hospital where I delivered. It was such a great reminder as to why I’m doing this. I’m doing this for me so that I can be healthy, fit, energized, and feel like myself. But I’m also doing it for my son so that I can teach him all of the benefits of eating healthy and exercising. I took a picture as class ended. The sun had already set but the view was still worth seeing.

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I feel ready to take on the next few days without added sugar. And I definitely feel so much more like myself than I did last week. It’s amazing how much better I feel going to class, even on just a few hours of sleep. Thank you teething 6 month old. Teeth, and added sugar, are the worst.