Body Back: Finding Balance

(Oh yeah, that meal planning and working out thing. Right, ok, on it!)

This has been a rough week. My food journal definitely has frowning faces throughout it. Don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing week! My parents were in town helping me out while my husband traveled for the week. However, with my parents in town, my body went into vacation mode and the meal planning went straight out the window.

In addition to not following through on good meal planning, I missed class tonight. My little man had his 6-month shots and was a fussy baby. My parents had left in the morning and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving a fussy baby with someone while I went to class. Even if he hadn’t had his shots that day, I probably could have come up with 100 other excuses to miss class. In short, I just wasn’t feeling it. I had on off week of meal planning and that spilled over into an off week for motivation. Unfortunately, I still had committed to doing the exercise video we received, just in case we missed a day (insert a huge grunt and eye roll equivalent to a 14 year old being told “no”). It’s so much more difficult to work out without support. I found that I wasn’t really pushing myself the way I do when we work out together. I felt lethargic the entire time and even when I finished I didn’t feel too much better about working out. I decided this was the end of my rut and that I would start fresh in the morning!

I guess I need to allow for days like this every now and then. I need be more accepting of getting into a funk, because I feel like that will make it easier to get out of it. I had been working really hard and pushing myself, but maybe I was pushing myself too much. I feel like I got to a point where I felt like quitting rather than just taking a break/relaxing. I feel like this week has shown me that committing to a day of rest is just as important as committing to a day of work. I think this will help prevent burnout or feeling too exhausted (if my child slept through the night that might help too, but no excuses, right?}.

Starting this week I am committing to taking Tuesdays and Sundays as my restful days. They are not days without movement, don’t worry, I know I’m supposed to be doing something every day. But they will be days of an Abs routine and walk. Something that’s not too demanding, but still makes me feel like I’ve done something. We’ll see how it goes!