Nina Thiem

Certified Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Fit4Baby and Body Back Instructor

Being active, fit and healthy as well as making friends to share experiences in different life episodes has always been an important part of my life. Whether as part of a gymnastics team in my youth or as senior with over 30 years, whether among close friends doing windsurfing or taking part in race bike challenges - I loved doing it. Whenever there was a change (move, start of university, job, living abroad…) I searched, and luckily always found, possibilities to get active. One of the biggest changes was the birth of my son – what should I do now? Leave him home, do sports only after he went to bed at night…? I was happy to find a special fitness program for moms with baby. That was still back in Germany. When we moved to Greenwich in 2016, just before I had my daughter, I was already doing research on fitness for moms with babies – and found Fit4Mom! I was eager to try the first class as soon as possible – and started when she was only five weeks old. I loved the combination of getting out to do something for myself without leaving my baby behind. I was happy to get her some fresh air while I did sports, met other moms, could exchange experiences, ask questions, get tips, felt understood. Not onIy was I delighted to make some new friends, but also to meet so many moms with so many different backgrounds of jobs, of nationality...all united by Motherhood.

To entertain the kids actively with nursery rhymes sounds funny in the beginning, but it is so great to see, that they start to love it! They watch mommy doing sports, they clap and cheer, even my older one (when off from school) cheered “go mommy, go!”

I am happy to be a part of the Fit4Mom instructor team to pass on the feeling of satisfaction to do something good for yourself, to be able to turn the mommy guilt feeling (leaving the baby or skipping fitness) into a feeling of positive example and wellbeing, to help others find new friends, find a new part of yourself in a new part of your life!

I am looking forward to meeting you, your little one(s) and help you find and reach your own fitness goals!

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We're hiring! Send us an e-mail for information on becoming a Fit4Mom instructor.

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