Body Back: What have I signed up for?

So I’m sitting here with a (now empty) bowl of guacamole and chips that I just ate for dinner and thinking about this Body Back class I’ve registered for. I told Hana, our trainer, I would blog about my experience in the class. Why did I say yes? Now I have to go! I have come up with every excuse under the sun for why I don’t need this class, and unfortunately a rebuttal for every excuse as well.

- It’s time away from my baby

o It’s literally 15 minutes before my baby’s bedtime. He will not miss me.

- I’m so tired at 7pm, working out then sounds like a terrible idea

o Working out at 7am sounds like a terrible idea too, it will never sound appealing to me

- I don’t need to go to a class to get motivated, I can just practice self control and set aside time to go on a run

o Please reread first sentence of post. And I have successfully set aside time for one run in the 5 months my son has been on this earth. Stop lying to yourself.

Ok, ok, I’ll go to the class. But what if I embarrass myself? Maybe I’m the only one who gained 40+ lbs while pregnant (actual number unknown, I stopped looking at the scale after 38+ lbs at 32 weeks). Maybe all of the other moms are super former marathoners or triathletes who are just trying to get their six-pack abs back. Meanwhile I die a little on the inside when I hear the word “burpee”. What if I can’t keep up?

Alright seriously, I am excited for this class. Working out is always better when you have people to hold you accountable and motivate you. I’m excited for the sense of community I’ll build with the other moms in the class. I’m really excited to see some results. And I’m excited to share the journey with all of you!

Just one more Oreo though… I need to make sure that ‘before’ picture is really encouraging.


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