Body Back: Preview Class

Did I just workout? I'm pretty sure I just blacked out for 45 minutes. All I know is I woke up on the floor feeling as if I was thrown into the ring with Mayweather and Pacquiao. My legs are like spaghetti, I don't think I could lift a feather with my arms, and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to sit down without wincing for a week. However I also feel totally relaxed. I take a deep breath and feel a sense of completion and calm. What the heck just happened to me?

We start with introductions, sharing our name, child's name/age, and something we're proud of. I love this class already. It's so easy to focus on my shortcomings, or what I believe are my shortcomings, as a mother. It's refreshing to take a moment and concentrate on something positive.

The class begins and is so fast paced. Has it been 4 minutes or 40? Hana keeps reminding us to focus on our core. Core, core, what's core again? All I can think of is Ben and Jerry's Core ice cream.Mmmm... Before I can count how many pints of ice cream I would devour right now, given the opportunity, the set is over. I made it! Wow, I can't believe I just completed that whole set!

We ended class with a peaceful meditation. I used to scoff at the idea of meditating. Maybe it's maturity, maybe it's being a mom, but those last 2 minutes of rest were nothing short of glorious. Hana read a list of affirmations and challenged us to truly believe them. This is my goal for the week; I want to work on truly believing at least one of these affirmations.

I am at peace with myself.

I appreciate who I am.

I value myself as a person.

I deserve to relax.

I deserve to be happy.

I am well.

I am healthy.

I am worthy.

I have everything I need.

I am beautiful.


We're hiring! Send us an e-mail for information on becoming a Fit4Mom instructor.

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