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Body Back: I’m not getting my Body Back…

You guys, we’re halfway! I had some expectations for what my body would look like at this point…

Potentially unrealistic expectations. My body never looked like this, so I suppose it’s not realistic for me to believe that I would get somebody else’s Body Back. While I’ve definitely noticed changes in my body, my body still doesn’t look like it used to. I’m not getting my body back, I’m getting a new body. A stronger body. A body I never worked this hard for before. I may not look as lean as I used to, but my arms are stronger and my legs are more toned. When I shower I feel muscles on my body that I’m pretty sure never existed before. I can do more pushups, more sit-ups, and I view burpees as a fun challenge now. I wouldn’t say I enjoy them, but I can tolerate them a little more.

So far, this class has encouraged me to challenge myself in ways I never would have before. I’m regaining confidence and truly feel proud of myself when I leave class. When I started the class my only goal was to walk out on the last day looking like I did on my best day before having a baby. That is probably not going to happen, but I do see myself walking out of class that day with amazing new friends who are warriors and have fought through each workout with me. I do see myself being strong and feeling empowered. I see myself making educated decisions when it comes to food and continuing to experiment with healthy recipes. I don’t see myself as getting my Body Back, I see myself getting a better body.


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