Body Back: I Can!

Unstoppable. (Like a T-Rex with arm claws, I can!)

We were able to workout outside today. It’s amazing what a little fresh air can do. I feel so much freer outside. It didn’t change the workout much, except that we could do a bit of running, but the entire class just felt more refreshing.

While we were warming up we each went around and shared our homework assignment: bring in a picture/item that motivates you for this class. I struggled for a while coming up with an item. I thought about bringing in pictures of myself on my wedding day, or a swimsuit I’d love to be able to wear again, but to be honest that made me feel like it’s vanity that is motivating me and that isn’t the case. Obviously I would love to look like my pre-baby self again one day, I’m just not certain it’s realistic to have that as my goal right now. I am only 5 months out of pregnancy and still nursing so right now my main goal is to feel fit and healthy rather than lose weight. I ended up bringing in a picture of my son, James. Although he’s still a baby, he motivates me for this class. I want to be a mother who encourages my children to eat healthy and be active, and I feel that I need to be a good role model for that.

When class started, we did a lot of jumping rope. It’s been years since I’ve jumped rope and oh my goodness, I completely forgot what a workout it can be! We did several sets of strength training, such as two minutes of jumping rope, push-ups, and step-ups on a bench. As Hana continued to mention through class, all it takes is two minutes and you can have a good workout. She was right! During each set, Hana was cheering us on reminding us “I can!” It’s amazing how motivating two little words can be.

While planking at the end of class, we were instructed to write down goals for ourselves on an index card {yes, you read that correctly. Write while planking}. On the front we wrote, “I can” and had to decorate it nicely. We are supposed to place it somewhere in our home where we can focus on it regularly. Mine is in the kitchen now and so far has already reminded me several times to stick to just one serving of sweets per day! I can’t believe how many times I reach for food without even thinking.


Yes, I still decorate as if I were a 12 year old. Please remember this was written while planking. Also, notice the light writing off to the side, those are added notes my parents filled in when they visited. Aren’t they the sweetest?


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