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Body Back: Bugs and Scales

(shout out to the weird things we do with food!)

We are one week in! I’ve decided that Mondays will be my new weigh in day. We were weighed on Monday during our assessment last week and so far I am down one pound! Although I am going to try to focus more on how I feel than my weight, seeing the number go down is a huge win for me!

Class is so motivating. I feel I want to work harder so I don’t let the other women or Hana down. We’re all in this together! Tonight we did circuits. Hana put down about 20 different pieces of paper with an assigned workout on it. For example, one might say burpees, or pushups, or wall sits. We were instructed to do whatever the paper said for one minute then move to the next. The piece of paper also provided us with some light reading. Hana had included random information about unhealthy foods on many of the papers. We got to learn about why some foods are colored they way they are (thank you bugs), and the risks of artificial sugars. While everything was pretty gross to read and share, it passed the time of the sets when we could just read and discuss the information. It was also super motivating to push a little harder on the sit-ups!

Hana closed with reading off some healthy information and sharing ways to substitute unhealthy foods. Who knew Bison was a good substitute for beef? It’s been really helpful to be able to share information with the other women in the class. I’m hoping to try some cauliflower as a substitute for a few things this week!

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I swear I’m working not just stretching!


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