It's Assessment Day!


I had to miss today’s class due other commitments so I thought I would share some of the new foods I’ve been trying out since I started Body Back. One of the main things I really love about this program is that the class doesn’t end when the scheduled time is over. The food log and workouts must continue after class in order to really get the desired results.

Every week the other moms and I talk about what new foods we’re trying out in the kitchen and will share recipes. Here are a few of the shared recipes:

Frozen Veggie Breakfast Burritos


- 1 c onion, chopped

- 1 red pepper, chopped

- 1 c mushrooms

- Additional vegetables based on preference

- Handful of spinach

- 3-6 eggs (based on personal preference)

- Whole wheat burrito wraps


1. In a large skillet, heat onion for one minute. Add peppers and mushrooms and other desired vegetables. Fold in spinach until wilted. Mix eggs in a small bowl, and then slowly add into...

unnamed (1) 22.png

You guys, we’re halfway! I had some expectations for what my body would look like at this point…

unnamed 5.png

It’s Memorial Day. I’d be lying if I said I was thrilled to go to class tonight. Cookout or workout? Burgers or burpees?


For this class, I came up with a new word. WhatheffHana.

image (3).png

Sugar. My love, my friend, my foe, my enemy. Tonight’s class was all about sugar, and more importantly added sugar.

image (2).png

(Oh yeah, that meal planning and working out thing. Right, ok, on it!)

image (1).png

(shout out to the weird things we do with food!)


Unstoppable. (Like a T-Rex with arm claws, I can!)


Assessment Day. Even the word assessment sounds intimidating to me. I was not too thrilled about this class. We get weighed, measured, our picture taken, and complete several challenges (i.e. how many burpees can you do in one minute). I have already mentioned how I feel about burpees. I'm hoping that by the end of this 8 week class I'll feel a little differently, maybe I won't dread them so much. Although I don't love getting my measurements taken or stepping on a scale, I'm excited to see what changes after 8 weeks. Is it weird that I am motivated by my future self? I want to be really proud of myself in 8 weeks, so I'm willing to really push myself and challenge myself.

We also set goals for ourselves. In an effort to really be held accountable and actually follow through on my goals, I'm going to share a few of them with you.

1. Be able to do 50 push ups

2. Have only one dessert per day (reduce sugar intake)

3. Prioritize clean eating, regularly

As you can see, a couple of these goals will be ongoing with no set end date. I need to be realistic...


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